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excel functions

MS Excel: ALL Formulas/Functions - LIsted by Category

We have provided a list of all Excel formulas (both worksheet formulas and VBA functions). The Excel formulas are sorted by category. There are 2 type of functions in Excel - Worksheet formulas and VBA functions.

Worksheet formulas are Excel functions that are used as part of a formula within a cell in your worksheet. These are the most basic functions used when learning Excel.

VBA functions expand on the basics of Excel and allow you to use Excel's programming environment. VBA functions are Excel functions that are used in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code through modules and macros.

Below is the list of Excel formulas, sorted by category (ie: type of function).

String Functions

Numeric / Mathematical Functions

Statistical Functions

Logical Functions

Information Functions

Date / Time Functions

Database Functions

Data Type Conversion Functions

Financial Functions

File / Directory Functions

Lookup / Reference Functions

More Lookup Functions