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MS Access: How to activate the built-in VBA functions in Access 2013

Question: In Microsoft Access 2013, I would like to use the built-in VBA (Visual Basic for Application) functions, but my Access database does not seem to recognize them. How do I activate the built-in VBA function in Access so that I can use them in my Access database?

Answer: To be able to use the built-in VBA functions in your Access database, you will need to turn on the Visual Basic reference called "Visual Basic For Applications".

To do this, you need to open your Access database. Press Alt-F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic window. When the Microsoft Visual Basic window appears, select References under the Tools menu.

Microsoft Access

When the References window appears, look for a reference called Visual Basic for Applications and make sure that it is checked. Then click on the OK button.

Microsoft Access

Now your Access database should be able to use the built-in VBA functions.